Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist (RCCS®)

The Securityzone® will primarily provide you with a working knowledge of all the fundamental threats to cybersecurity in our everyday life, and how to deal with them.

Course/Certification Name:

Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist

Duration (In Days):

3 Days

Type of Training:


Course/Certification Level:


Career Track/Job Roles:

  • Other


  • End User
  • Other

Course/Certification Overview:

Cyberthreats are real! In the explosive volatile cyberspace of the contemporary world, threats and crimes are no longer confined in the physical domain, but have crossed over into the virtual one. The RCCS program is a next generation

program offering everyone who takes it, a comprehensive understanding of fundamental cybersecurity approaches that need to be addressed within the ever-changing cyberspace.

All of us use digital devices, so it follows that we should be trained in cybersecurity. All students and organizational employees should be educated in cyber situational awareness looking at the latest developments in vulnerabilities, viruses and malware, threat intelligence, security alerts etc. A basic understanding will help them avoid potential threats and possible breaches in security.

Training Objective(s):

  • Learn to identify the challenges and vulnerabilities to keeping our personal devices secure
  • Learn how to safeguard a company’s/Individual’s privacy
  • Learn to save time, energy and money by always practising the best basic cybersecurity practises
  • Building and securing companies and individuals by improving their human firewall


  • No pre requisites. This course is for everybody

Learning Outcome(s):

  • Learn to identify the threats in your environment that could be detrimental to cybersecurity
  • Distinguish if the threat is coming from users and human error
  • Try to identify how, if at all, users are creating IT risks
  • What are the potential vulnerabilities in your system and how can they be targeted, due to user misuse
  • Note the gaps in the network
  • Find ways to improve security infrastructure
  • Learn the basics of staying safe online
  • Learn the best ways to secure personal devices
  • Learn how to identify Phishing and scam emails and links

Skills Outcome:

  • Improved skills for basic safe practises while using the internet
  • Securing Android and iOS devices
  • Securing Windows, Mac and Linux devices
  • Backing up data to the cloud
  • Setting up secure passwords
  • Setting up two factor authentication
  • Preventing social engineering
  • Identifying phishing links and sites
  • Best practises for Social Media accounts
  • Identifying trusted websites


  • Module 1: Securing Data & Privacy
  • Module 2: How To Avoid Getting Scammed Online
  • Module 3: Securing Networks
  • Module 4: Securing Websites
  • Module 5: Securing Emails
  • Module 6: Securing Mobile Devices
  • Module 7: Securing Employees
  • Module 8: Securing Operations
  • Module 9: Securing Payments
  • Module 10: Incidence Response & Reporting
  • Module 11: Social Media Policy: Protection & Management
  • Module 12: Securityone 101: Cybersecurity Basics


Certificate Samples:

  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Participation


I attended the RCCS course from Rocheston and as someone with no technical background, it really helped me understand all the basic and easy to follow steps that I can take to keep myself safe online and to protect my phone and computer. The explanation and examples given were very easy to follow and the courseware covered all the relevant topics that were personally useful to me.

I would recommend this program for everyone as a good foundation for the basics of securing your devices and staying safe online

“Maha Zayed Al-Rowaili, RCCS student, Qatar”



I would like to thank Rocheston for offering a glimpse into the world of cybersecurity. RCCS is the best course for anyone who wants to gain basic knowledge on protecting apps and devices in the simplest way possible.

The slides are easy to understand and I loved the interactive session. I would definitely opt for the advanced courses from Rocheston.

The three-day course was an eye-opener for me in terms of gaining knowledge in cybersecurity. The training is never boring with well-designed slides and an energetic trainer. The course helps you to defend yourself against everyday threats and also make you want to learn more. I have made the right choice in opting for Rocheston’s courses as they start from the basics and offer the most advanced of courses in the market.

“Omar Mohamed Ismail ElSayed, RCCS student, Qatar”


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